Friday Thoughts

2 Jan

Almighty God, thank for today for being with us.  Father God, thank you for your forgiveness and grace when we don’t deserve it and we can never earn it, even before we come to you asking for your forgiveness and love.  O God, I do come to you asking for forgiveness and the strength focus on you and to resist the temptations in front of me.  Thank you for your Spirit, your love and for your Son, Jesus the Christ.  Thank you for your presence.

Father God, please continue to help me to listen to you and to focus on your Spirit.  Help me O God to hear your voice and to see what you want me to bring to your congregation this coming Sunday.  Help me to O Lord to be your servant.  Please impress upon me the words that you have me speak…to speak love and hope to your people.

Creator God, please be with your church as we try to reach out to serve your creation.  Help us to love the people around us and to help meet their needs and to show them you.  Help us to be good servants and to come to know you better.  There are so many people that need your healing touch for physical issues, mental issues and spiritual issues.  Please bless them and their families.  Fill them with your love, grace, strength and comfort.

Help me to study your word and to focus on the spiritual disciplines to seek you and to empty myself so that you may fill me with your Spirit.  Help me to be a good servant and a good pastor.  Please guide and direct me.  Help me to see people as you do and to love them as you do.

I ask all things in your Son’s most holy name, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.


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